Rhett Carver

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Rhett Carver is something of a contradiction in the Invictus. He has power, status and wealth. He has the Daeva charm and as the Avus of the Toreador bloodline in New Orleans he has a great deal of pull among his clan mates.

Yet he is a self confessed rogue, supporting the underdog simply because ‘there’s more profit amongst the desperate’. Embraced in the mid 1700s he scandalised the Invictus when he broke ranks to throw in with the upstart Antoine Savoy at the beginning of the 20th century, using his resources to back the Lord of the French Quarter. In return he was given domain over the North French Quarter.

Carver is a dapper gentleman, taken from the finest mold of the South. His dark pencil thin mustache and pomade hair contrast with his crystal blue eyes, always a hint of a dangerous smirk or a whimsical arch of an eyebrow.

He has two known vices. The first is women, he has Embraced often and only females showing some artistic flair or talent. That they are all intelligent and beautiful is a given. The other vice is architecture. He can be found often in the French Quarter and Garden District, sometimes feeding most often simply standing and absorbing the unique artistry of the Crescent City’s buildings

Rhett Carver

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