Pierpont McGinn

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Photobucket The fastest rising star the New Orleans Invictus has ever seen belongs to the Ventrue schemer Pierpont McGinn. He has used his status as the childe of Ashley Tanner, Notary of the Unconquered and a member of the Inner Circle to move fast up the ranks until he is counted one of the movers and shakers in the covenant.

He vowed that he would ‘king’ the Mayfair family, bringing in that family’s wealth and influence under Invictus. Something that no one else has ever managed to do. If he manages to pull off this coup he would be guaranteed a seat at the table of the Inner Circle.

A child of the American Reconstruction, Embraced in 1896, McGinn was born into wealth and prestige, and is both socially coarse and morally repugnant, his lingering social attitudes threatened by the changes happening in New Orleans.

Pierpont McGinn is a tall, steel-jawed Southern man with dirty-blond hair and chalky-blue eyes. He dresses in light-colored suits that accent what he likes to think of as his “perfection of breeding,” and is rarely seen in public without his favorite affection—a fine Southern cigar—nestled between two white fingers.

Pierpont McGinn

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