Sebastian Mayfair

Elder brother of Hampton Mayfair III


The elder brother of Hampton Mayfair III now has everything that was meant for his younger brother. Ventrue blood. Membership in the Invictus. Eternal Damnation.

He was supposed to inherit the family name and continue building his family’s fortunes. His brother was promised to Pierpont McGinn to save their family from penniless ignominy. Yet another Kindred changed that by Embracing Hampton Mayfair first.

Now Sebastian walks the path meant for his younger brother, under the watchful eye of Pierpont McGinn. Sebastian still remembers the pang of poverty, the hand me down clothes from pitying cousins. He has vowed never to return to that state. This has combined with his Ventrue blood to create a ruthless, amoral hedonistic monster.

Sebastian Mayfair

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