Papa Iblis


Papa Iblis was black, originally from somewhere in the Caribbean. He was extremely charming and good looking, a characteristic only accentuated by his Daeva clan. He was typically seen in finely tailored suits without a shirt or tie, carrying an elaborate walking cane with an ivory handle sculpted into a human skull.


Papa Iblis was a Kindred bokor that terrorised the vodoun community of New Orleans in the early 18th Century. A servant of Kalfou, the loa of bad luck, evil charms, black magic and misfortune. He represents the malevolent side of chaos and destiny.

Papa Iblis arrived from Haiti just before the Revolution and quickly set himself up in the bayous as a powerful figure in the vodoun community, using the loa’s dark influence over fate to steer people and events to his benefit.

Kindred are monsters and Papa Iblis reveled in his nature, people (mostly slaves) died in droves to feed the bokor’s bloody appetite and the black magic of his vodoun rites. He was a creature full of spite and inflicted fear, guilt and suffering simple because he could; the bokor took special enjoyment in corrupting innocent people.

Baron Cimitiere’s first notable act in New Orleans and the reason for the unswerving loyalty from most of the vodoun community was the confrontation with Papa Iblis that resulted in the bokor’s destruction.

His persona still haunts the poor, black community of New Orleans as a vodoun bogeyman.

Papa Iblis

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