Nathaniel Blanch



Apparent Age: Mid 30s
Masquerade: Scholar Requiem: Magus

Blanch is somewhat short by today’s standards but has a commanding force of presence that belies his size. His dark brown hair lays flat against his head, coming to rest in a slight curl just below his ears. A well-groomed moustache and Vandyke would give him an almost roguish appearance, but his timeless hazel eyes betray any sense of youth he might otherwise project. When out in public, he favours the long coat and hiking boots that have served him well for centuries.


As the Hierophant of the local Circle of the Crone, Nathaniel Blanch is most often preoccupied with matters of covenant, spirit or both, and has little time for the political games played by his fellow Kindred. Some Kindred know of him, as he is an elder of the city, and he does make the occasional appearance at select Kindred gatherings, but this is done more out of respect for the local Prince than out of any real desire to attend.

Blanch is an incredibly insightful Kindred spiritualist. Over the course of his extensive studies of Crúac, Blanch has learned a great deal about the nature of the Kindred soul, and about its raging Beast in particular. Much of his work with the other Acolytes involves teaching them to look inward and thereby discover the truths of their own spirits.

Nathaniel Blanch was a true Renaissance man in life— an explorer first and foremost, but along the way, a travel guide, fur trapper, and, finally, civil engineer. He was one of the first white men to enter the area after France granted John Law’s company the right to charter in fact and was even part of the team that laid out the original street plans for Bienville’s new city. He prides himself on being attuned to forces and energies to which other Kindred remain blind their entire unlives and doesn’t care to concern himself with anything that will take him away from his growth.

Nathaniel Blanch

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