Father John Marrow


Apparent Age: Late 30s
Masquerade: Guru Requiem: Enforcer

Father John Marrow is an unassuming white man who dresses almost exclusively in the black suit and white collar that characterizes his profession. Although Embraced in his thirties, Marrow’s deep-set eyes and receding hairline give the casual viewer the impression of slightly advanced age. The wily Daeva has learned to use this impression to his benefit over time, combining it with his priestly attire and sagacious manner to win the confidence of others, or at least to put them at ease around him.


Marrow is a devout Priest in both the Kindred and kine senses of the word. A Priest whose influence covers Savoy’s territories and extends even to some portions of Vidal’s, Marrow ranks high in the local hierarchy of the Lancea Sanctum. He is also devoutly Catholic, and holds midnight masses for a congregation in a church in the Tremé District.

Marrow is an Inquisitor in the true sense of the word, and many who violate the precepts of the Lancea Sanctum find themselves paid a visit by the grim, merciless Marrow. John Marrow is also one of the single most-well-informed Kindred in New Orleans. He inevitably questions “heretics” before delivering whatever punishment the laws of Longinus demand, and, in most cases where the law does not demand anything as severe as Final Death, Marrow includes service in his web of intelligence as a portion of the criminal’s penance.

He is interested in even the most esoteric piece of knowledge and believes that anything and everything might prove useful against his enemies at some point.

Father John Marrow

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