Augusto Vidal

Prince of New Orleans


Apparent Age:
Masquerade: Socialite Requiem: Manipulator

Vidal is tall for a Spaniard, with crisp, Mediterranean features and broad shoulders. His slick, black hair always appears wet, and he still wears the neatly trimmed Van Dyke he kept as a mortal. Vidal dresses to impress, but he never forgets the lesson of function before form. He speaks with the sharp, authoritative staccato that characterizes his countrymen, and even after so many decades in the New World, has never shed his thick accent… or even cared to.


Valencian by birth and Cordoban by marriage, Vidal’s sire asked that he go along and represent Spanish interests in the French-dominated city of New Orleans. Vidal saw his chance at freedom and accepted, knowing that it would mean an end to both the Vinculum and the infuriating tether that kept him tied to his sire. The sense of duty he’d shown his sire, however, would be replaced by a sense of duty to his clan and the Catholic faith.

At every turn during his reign, Vidal has done whatever was necessary to keep his hands firmly gripped on the reins of power in New Orleans. Vidal’s Requiem has had to form around manipulating those around him. Due to the factional fighting and the precarious position of the Masquerade in New Orleans, he has had to give in to his Ventrue’s blood and pull the puppet strings amongst both his enemies and his allies, telling lies that leads loyal servants to their deaths and setting up the righteous judgement of God against the pagans. It has led to Vidal being extremely arrogant about his prowess and paranoid about his enemies playing him the same way.

Not every Kindred in Vidal’s faction is part of the Lancea Sanctum. Vidal’s administration has always made sure that members of the other covenants know that they will be treated with respect in New Orleans so long as they abide by the domain’s rules.

Vidal leads an understated Masquerade as a socialiate moving in local government and law enforcement circles, contributing to election campaigns and charities. He uses these contacts and the goodwill to further his own Kindred agenda. His reputation precedes him as a powerful and rich philanthropist who wants to give back to the New Orleans community and is willing to help influential people in trouble.

Augusto Vidal

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