The Coterie

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“If you don’t learn your history, you’re doomed to repeat it”

~ Philip Maldonato, Seneschal of New Orleans

The coterie is made up of:
Willem Foucault
Jacob Cross
Hampton Mayfair III

The coterie was formed by their Sires in 1945, just after the end of World War II. Their sires were once part of a coterie in the late 1800s that included Donovan, the Sheriff of New Orleans. They were all passionate supporters of Antoine Savoy, Lord of the French Quarter. Together they planned an ambitious plan on behalf of their patron that would not only empower Savoy but would embarrass Prince Vidal.

Photobucket Donovan betrayed their sires; handing over the information to Vidal in return for a position in Court. Savoy was embarrassed and the sires were persona non grata for the next 5 decades, feeding at the bottom and pushed to the edge of Kindred society. The betrayal left their mark on the sires, destroying their trust and loyalty to each other.

They spent 50 years avoiding each other but in time they individually realised that they could achieve their goals of territory and status as well as undermine Donovan’s station. The only problem was that they couldn’t shake their suspicion to work together. They came up with a solution; if they Embraced a childe each and pushed their childer to work together to achieve their goals the danger of betrayal would be minimised. They each selected a mortal to bring into the Requiem and used their covenants to ensure permission was given to legalise the Embrace.

To ensure loyalty the sires trained their childer separately for a year, avoiding contact with other Kindred before introducing them for their first task in 1946 during Carnivale.


The Coterie

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