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Lord: Donovan

Significant Locations: Tulane University, Loyola University

On the far, west end of Uptown sits a district known broadly as Riverbend, due to the the fact that it encompasses the territory that lies on the edge of where the river bends around the city in its journey northward. Riverbend is largely residential, with two prominent sub-districts of its own.

The first of these is the part of Riverbend beyond the St. Charles Streetcar toward the river, and it includes the area in and around Audobon Park (named for the famed naturalist John
James Audobon) and the Audobon Zoo.

The second is the area above the streetcar, which includes the neighboring campuses of Tulane and Loyola Universities. This area is often known as “University District,” for obvious reasons. The Riverbend Shopping Center is a sizeable riverside attraction, and one of the last along the river before one enters the suburb of Carrollton.


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