Mr Dimanche

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Photobucket Mr Dimanche is the staunchest supporter of the Lancea Sanctum not a member of the priesthood. He acts as the primary information gatherer for Philip Maldonato, making no judgements about the darkest secrets, just passing over the information. He is also known to sell the information he collects to the highest bidder… or to receive money from the person most damaged by the secrets to NOT sell the information.

In short, he is a blackmailer.

Despite this he is a ‘true believer’ of the Sanctified and for this reason has risen high in Prince Vidal’s court as one of the Primogen. He has the Irish Channel as his whole domain, only his childe Patrick O’Hara is known to reside there.

Mr Dimanche (he goes by no other name) is an unassuming Kindred to look at. He pays close attention to blend in with the times. His current Masquerade is based around a retired businessman, dressed in charcoal suits and thick horn rimmed glasses. He is wired into the entire Irish Channel community, through contacts with families and through his childe Patrick

Mr Dimanche

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