Mid City

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Lord: John Polk

Significant Locations: Azazel’s Bookstore, City Park

Coteries: The Polks, Alexander’s, The Scourges

The part of New Orleans that is considered the most “urban” and the least historic is the district known as Mid-City. Easily the largest district in town, Mid-City is a general catchall term for what most people consider the north part of downtown New Orleans.

It runs roughly from North Claiborne Avenue in the south to City Park Avenue in the north, with its northern border defined by the New Orleans Country Club to the west and the City Park to the east. Mid-City is the least characteristically defined of New Orleans’ districts, and the greatest mix of cultures and ethnicities can be found here. The majority of the city’s Asian and Hispanic immigrants live and work in Mid-City, and few sites of any import or interest to either Kindred or kine are located here.

The district has seen extensive development in recent years, but the work has been hyper-localized, without any broader sense of urban planning, and the area has suffered as a result. The district is riddled with crime of all varieties, making feeding that much easier. Given its age and condition, Mid-City is home to a number of young Kindred who could not hope for feeding rights in better parts of town.

Mid-City has the dubious distinction of having birthed the relatively recent phenomenon
known as the Kindred “krewe.” Vidal had grown so efficient about sequestering new arrivals to his domain in Mid- City that they eventually decided to band together of their own accord. These Kindred “gangs” of neonates call themselves “krewes,” and have become an important part of the Kindred street scene tonight. At least five such krewes are known to exist, and while a handful of members among them don’t actually have feeding rights in Mid-City, that is their base of operations nonetheless. Indeed, getting one’s krewemates to let one feed in their territory is one of the only ways a neonate can thumb his nose at the Prince.

This is not to say that only neonates dwell in Mid-City. In fact, it is a matter of some pride for local residents that two of Vidal’s Primogen councilors — Coco Duquette and Miss Opal — maintain havens and feeding rights in their district. And not only do they choose to dwell here, but they’re proud of it, as well, and do more to help the neonates of their district than many would ever have thought they would care to do. As such, Coco Duquette and Miss Opal are often viewed as the Mid-City Krewes’ “big sister” and “big mama” respectively.


  • Tulane University Hospital

Mid City

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