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“Don’t think of it as a favor… think of it as lagniappe.”

~ Antoine Savoy, Lord of the French Quarter

The Factions

Photobucket Prince Augusto Vidal rules the city with an increasingly iron fist, enforcing the Traditions and his own edicts with equal fervor, furiously attempting to shape the Kindred into what he believes they should be. He is steered by faith, a fierce devotion to the Holy Trinity, and yet it seems unlikely that God or Christ would approve of what Vidal does in His name. Religion for Prince Vidal — and, thus, for most of the Kindred suffering under his rule — is not something beautiful but a whip used to scourge the backs of those who do not obey. The cost of Vidal’s rule has been high for both Kindred and kine, and even as he tightens his grip, an ever-growing number of Kindred slip from it, gravitating toward the Prince’s rivals.

Blood trail

Photobucket PhotobucketAntoine Savoy is a politician and con-man, a power-hungry fiend who wears the face of a faith he does not truly believe. He is the proverbial snake in the grass, splitting the Lancea Sanctum Church in two and weakening the power base of Vidal. Baron Cimitiere, while no less devout in his own vodounist faith than Vidal in his, cares little for the well-being of New Orleans’ Kindred. He seeks power only to protect and nurture his own select group of followers — let the rest of this debauched city burn. Although small in Kindred numbers, the Baron wields huge amounts of influence over the vodoun community, capable of bringing the city to a standstill with but a word.

Although open war between the factions is rare — and relatively swift, when it does arise, much like gang war — the conflict is constant in more subtle ways. Rivals attempt to take down one another politically, maneuvering for alliances with other Kindred and influence over mortal institutions. The Kindred lords grant domains in their enemy’s territories, forcing them to fight to hold onto what they have. Social cliques snub one another at Elysium or offer insults that threaten to tear away the façade of civility in a burst of frenzy-induced and punishable violence.

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