Lancea Sanctum

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“You’re new to the parish, I see. Well, let me give you a crash course in how we do things around here.”

~ Donovan, Sheriff of New Orleans


The Lancea Sanctum is undeniably the single greatest Kindred power in New Orleans. In addition to claiming both the Prince and his most potent political rival, a majority of New Orleans’ Damned population count themselves nominally among the Lancea Sanctum. It’s an unmistakable presence to any Kindred who have been in New Orleans for more than a few nights. Signs of Sanctified Catholic ideology are everywhere, if one knows how to look. A great many Kindred offer regular prayers or devotionals, and it’s not even terribly uncommon (circumstances permitting) to see a vampire offer a prayer of thanks over a vessel.

The Faithful Vidal is a fanatic about granting territories to only his allies. Doing so has always been a major concern with him, and he has grown more restrictive since the rise of Antoine Savoy. While it is not unheard of for him to grant a small territory to an Invictus or Carthian ally, the overwhelming majority of domain-holding elders in New Orleans are Sanctified Kindred in general, and loyal to Vidal specifically.

Given that even the normally opposed followers of Vidal and Savoy often cooperate to make sure that a non- Sanctified Kindred fails to obtain any true authority, it seems unlikely that the balance of power will shift any time soon.

Lancea Sanctum

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