John Harley Matheson

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Born in 1716, John Harley Matheson was the youngest child of Stephen Matheson, one of the wealthiest land- (and slave-) owners in Louisiana. As he grew up, he learned to be a perfect gentleman. His family encouraged this attention to politesse. After all, it would be in John’s best interest to marry money, given that his older brother would inherit the family land and businesses.

John didn’t bear any grudges toward his family because of this. He understood that politics, familial or otherwise, was a dance, a game played by specific rules. He had no desire to break them, merely to play the game well.

That, perhaps, was what drew his sire’s attention. Embraced in 1736, a few months before his 20th birthday, John realized that the rules had changed. He murdered his brother and other siblings, and then, after a suitable period, his parents. Throughout all of this, his sire taught him that the world of the Kindred worked on rules, just as polite society did. As in life, John Harley chose to abide by those rules rather than break them. The Civil War came and went, and John’s family land was sold to opportunists from the North. He made sure the mansion was never destroyed and land remained mostly undeveloped, but beyond that, he avoided interfering too much in mortal politics.

The Kindred, after all, had their own concerns. Matheson as an Elder was given the title of Primogen (despite his Gangrel clan) and the territory of Plantations, ostensibly as a buffer zone to protect New Orleans but in reality because Prince Vidal was worried about giving a powerful elder of the Invictus, power and status within the city limits.

John was Embraced as a young man, but his age and experience are evident in his bearing and manners. He has a young face, soft brown hair and eyes, and long, thin fingers. His etiquette is impeccable, but he knows that a hint of indiscretion at times is the best way toward subtle seduction—and he prides himself on always seducing, never overpowering, his prey. He favors soft gray suits and refuses to carry weapons of any kind.

John Harley Matheson

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