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“Only young Kindred believe we subsist on Vitae. Any tenured Kindred knows full well that the Damned need lies more than blood to thrive.”

~ Pearl Chastain, Daeva Primogen

Invictus The New Orleans Invictus bitterly resents the dominance that the Sanctified exert over the city. New Orleans has passed through the hands of multiple governments during its history, any one of which could have provided the occasion for a change of power among the Kindred as well.

The Crescent City is one of the centers of power for the “Southern Nobility,” the old plantation families that still practice the customs of, and survive on the monies from, the days when they owned not only the fields but also the people who worked them.

Some of the city’s Invictus are slowly but surely drifting toward Antoine Savoy’s camp. Since the Invictus is nowhere near a position where it can yet put one of its own in charge, many of its members prefer to at least support someone less fanatical than Vidal. Still, showing too much loyalty to Savoy is frowned upon — the Lancea Sanctum is still the Lancea Sanctum, after all.

Photobucket At its own covenant gatherings, the Invictus looks and feels very much like a gathering of traditional Southern ladies and gentlemen. Its meetings have an air of refinement about them, of the last keepers of a lost noble tradition. Only a few of the eldest and most eccentric actually still dress in the garb of the 19th century, but the customs and etiquette of the Old South are alive and well.

Unfortunately, many of the other attitudes of the time survive as well, and a significant minority of the city’s Invictus Kindred maintain their old racial prejudices. This isn’t to say that no Creole or black vampires have joined the New Orleans Invictus, only that a select group of the covenant’s most affluent and influential make a point of snubbing these “lower-born” members.


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