Esplanade Ridge

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Lord: Nathaniel Blanch

Significant Locations: City Park, Fair Ground Race Track

Coteries: The Acolytes

Like St. Charles Avenue in Uptown, Esplanade Avenue is a beautiful residential area, dotted with lovely homes and shaded by a continuous oak canopy running up and down its length. Set against the side of the city’s biggest park, Esplanade Ridge boasts a number of interesting features, including its own pleasant bayou and a massive racetrack. The homes here are less extravagant than those Uptown, lending the area a quiet dignity lacking in the former area.

The ridge itself is a strip of high ground extending from the Quarter to Bayou St John, the ridge’s sub-district and the oldest part of New Orleans. Settlers recognized the advantages of erecting homes up here, away from the ravages of the seasonal floods.

Aside from the homes, the only notable landmarks in this area are City Park and Bayou St John . The City Park is impressive. At 1,500 acres, it is the country’s fifth-largest urban park. It boasts bayou lagoons and live oaks draped in Spanish moss. When Interstate 610 was directed through the park, ruining its peace and habitat, a number of concerned Kindred cried foul and tried to get the Prince to pull strings to have the interstate rerouted. According to the Prince, he tried and failed.

The small district is home to the Fair Grounds Race Track, which hosts not only the city’s horse-racing season, but its annual Jazz & Heritage Festival as well. At festival time, the small district’s only vampiric resident, the Gangrel elder Nathaniel Blanch, does his best to accommodate the needs of not only the mortal influx but also the Kindred.


  • New Orleans Museum of Art (City Park)

Esplanade Ridge

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