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Lord: Prince Augusto Vidal
Significant Locations: Perfido House

After the Louisiana Purchase of 1803, city planners aimed to create an American commercial sector, and this district (along with its sub-district, the Warehouse District) is the result of those efforts. In its earlier incarnation as the Faubourg St. Mary, this district developed into a network of banks, government buildings, private offices and warehouses, all centered around the central locus of Lafayette Square. In those days, Canal Street was the dividing line between the American and French parts of the city, and it still marks the boundary between Downtown and Uptown.

Prince Vidal has spared little expense in bringing those desirable elements to the fore in this, “his” district, while sparing an equally small amount of expense in the crushing of those intrusions he would not tolerate. Over time, Vidal and his mortal cohorts (both known and unknown) pushed, bought and bulldozed their vision into reality. Tonight, the CBD is the site of several important structures, including City Hall and the Louisiana Superdome, host to several Super Bowls.

As important as it is, the entire CBD couldn’t possibly be the personal domain of a single vampire, but Vidal’s grip on the district certainly comes close. He allows all Kindred to move through it freely, and even grants them feeding rights here, but is otherwise stingy with how and when other vampires interact with the area. Contrary to popular belief, Vidal has a haven here—inside an office building on Lafayette known as Perdido House. Both he and his Seneschal are known to have free rein in the area when it comes to feeding, but prefer to make their more permanent havens in more hospitable environs elsewhere.

On a political level, the Prince likes to use the district as a bargaining chip with those who entreat him for acknowledgement in the city. Kindred know that the Prince could make their unlives difficult simply by carving up an established resident’s domain on their behalf, so many new arrivals request space in the only area that has not already been claimed by another Kindred (or krewe of Kindred, as certain coteries call themselves).


  • City Hall
  • Gallier Hall
  • Louisiana Superdome and New Orleans Center
  • Medical Center of Louisiana
  • Orpheum Theater


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