Valentine Delacroix

Torpor addled ancillae


Apparent Age: Mid 20’s
Masquerade: Artist Requiem: Manipulator

Valentine is a petite black woman apparently in her mid 20s. She is a stunning beauty with a delicate, haunting voice with a strong French accent. Her dark brown, chocolate eyes hold a remnant of pride when she doesn’t get her own way but her face is often covered by her long, black braided hair.

Valentine dresses in anachronistic clothing from the 1900s, drawing attention to herself in crowded streets.


Embraced into the prominent Toreador family in 1796, Valentine was a black slave of exceptional beauty and talent, with a natural aptitude for music. She was a favourite on the Delacroix plantation, used as a plaything for physical and musical pleasure.

She was a simple soul, almost childlike in her naïveté, shyness and tantrums. It was at a solo performance at the Delacroix Mansion that Rhett Carver saw her for the first time. It was when she was offered to him as a ‘night time delight’ that he decided to Embrace her.

The Embrace fortified Valentine, giving her a sense of freedom that she had never experienced before. She used her supernatural charm to become a freed slave in 1846, taking the name of her former master before dispossessing the family of their inheritance, she showed a form of mercy however, employing the family as her servants. Rhett Carver moved in as a permanent house guest but quickly became enraptured with one of the Delacroix family, Bonnie before moving back to New Orleans.

Valentine threw herself into her music with unnatural energy, yet she felt there was something missing. Her passion and feeling was muted and what once gave her so much pleasure now failed to resonate.

Growing bored with the mansion she took rooms in New Orleans in the mid 19th Century and quickly fell in with her Sire’s covenant. Cutting her teeth on the politics of the undead awakened her to the delights of a new level of power and control. Her ennui was broken with mingling with others like her and Valentine found a new purpose in her Requiem when giving vent to her frustrations and temper.

Supporting Antoine Savoy for this very reason, Valentine joined a coterie with neonates. She quickly established herself as the head of the group, brow beating the others into submission. When Donovan betrayed the coterie, it crushed Valentine. Her anger and pain of failure coupled with the mocking tones of the Invictus forced her into torpor at the Delacroix mansion.

She woke some fifty years later, alone, weakened and her mind addled. Out of step with the pace of modern times, Valentine quickly agreed to the plans of her former coterie mates seizing any chance to become what she once was.

Valentine Delacroix

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