The Afterhours King


Apparent Age: Late 20’s
Masquerade: Criminal Requiem: Courtier

Sundown appears as a racially indistinct gentleman of considerable good looks — not so attractive as to be threatening, but more than handsome enough to put everyone around him at ease. He dresses in popular fashions and always tailors his attire to suit whatever club he’s in, even if that means changing clothes on the way from one club to another. Still, even the most casual conversationalist notices something… off about Sundown. The aura of a predator veritably oozes off him, but those unaware of the Kindred don’t know how valid their agitated nerves are. Despite all of his influence and esteem, few really want to get to know Sundown personally.


The reason the views of this one Kindred, who calls himself Sundown, are of such consequence is due to his remarkable influence over the mortal nightlife in New Orleans, and thus, over the mortal pulse of the city. If he were to lend his support to any of the three major Kindred players, the results would likely turn the tide in favor of the beneficiary. For this reason, it serves the purposes of everyone involved that he remain politically neutral, and thus far, Sundown — the patron of New Orleans revelry — has disappointed no one.

Sundown is perhaps best known for his ownership and management of several Kindred-hospitable bars and nightclubs in and around downtown New Orleans. The largest and most successful of these, the Carnival Club, was even declared Elysium some years back and has since become known as part of the local Rack among the city’s hip neonates.

As a Nosferatu, Sundown goes against type on just about all fronts. He’s sociable, approachable and stylish, and he clearly prefers lavish penthouse apartments to the dank and homely quarters often associated with his clanmates. His social and economic power disturbs more than a few traditionalist types in the city, and most of all Antoine Savoy, who abides the Nosferatu’s power and presence only because not doing so would put the Prince at even greater advantage.

Sundown is known as a low level fixer and fence in the criminal underworld, his clubs are regularly frequented by the Martanga family. His bribes reach the city bureaucracy and police in order for them to turn a blind eye to some of the shadier aspects of his business. He is a minor celebrity in New Orleans, blending danger with style.


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