Stella Mayfair

Fun but dangerous


Stella is not just the beautiful, 20 something young woman of the pre-eminent New Orleans family. She is a lot more than that. First of all she is dead, or at least her animating spirit died when she committed suicide in the 1920s.

What possesses her now is a Goetic Demon of Lust, plucked from her own father’s mind and used to animate ‘his favourite daughter’.

She is both fun and dangerous, a cold blooded killer with a seductive laugh and teasing suspender belts. She uses her charms and demonic influence to get what she wants and quickly throws away the leftovers.

Yet she also has Stella’s memories and this tempers her greatest excesses with a true warmth of humanity. Which only chills her companion’s hearts more when she has ‘an idea for some fun’.

Stella Mayfair

Dead of Night: Tales from the Big Easy VampDT