Philip Maldonato



Masquerade: Scholar Requiem: Courtesan

Philip Maldonato is a very tall fellow. His skin is dusky and smooth, with only the merest hint of the wrinkles of age around his deep-set eyes, which sparkle faintly whenever he thinks hard on something. He favors hand-tailored business suits (black and gray, mostly) when seen in public or by the Prince’s side. In private, Philip indulges the static habits of times before his Requiem, wearing anachronistic clothing and collecting fine furniture that is now considered “antique., prefering the loose fit of the traditional galabiyya and fez, and typically walks barefoot so that he may always feel the ground beneath his feet.


The elder Mekhet has always borne the brunt of the responsibilities of the domain, especially when it came to cleaning up the Prince’s political messes or image. The Mekhet Priscus is the domain’s finest diplomat, handling many complaints and frustrations from allies and enemies. He ensures that the fine balance of obligations and favours are kept turning through the domain’s regents, vassals and serfs.

What began as a casual alliance turned to unshakeable loyalty in post-Reconquista Spain, back before either of the two had traveled to America yet. This loyalty has been tested in recent years over Vidal’s succession. Several years back Maldonato confessed to his friend that he had no desire to rule as Prince, not even in Vidal’s place until such time as Vidal could reawaken.

Since then, all the talk at court on the matter has revolved around the rumor that Vidal intends to name Donovan, his Sheriff, as his successor when he enters torpor. Maldonato has never fully trusted the preening Daeva but knowing that he removed himself from consideration is left supporting the Prince’s decision as best he can.

Maldonato is known amongst mortals as a local historical and geographical expert on New Orleans and is regularly consulted by eminent city officials and academics. He has had a prolific writing career under a series of pseudonyms on a variety of specialist subjects.

Philip Maldonato

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