Miss Opal


Apparent Age: Middle Aged
Masquerade: Criminal Requiem: Martyr

Heavily obese, Miss Opal looks like a normal (if grossly overweight) dark-skinned woman until one sees her face — a sagging mass of lines and wrinkles so deep and heavy it’s a wonder she can see. She dresses primarily in loose fitting dresses and prefers to wear a shawl. She speaks with a thick drawl, and has a tendency (which many elders find irritating in the extreme) to call people pet names like “Sugar” and “Honey.”


Miss Opal — she goes by no other name — is the self appointed conscience of Prince Vidal’s court. The child and childe of former slaves, she first gained real status during Reconstruction, when she led a campaign to make sure that the Nosferatu had a place in the new order. The clan’s Priscus for many years, she disappeared into torpor during the middle decades of the 20th century.

Re-emerging around 1978, she has spent the years since attempting to both regain her previous status — in which she has largely been successful, due to the efforts of many Nosferatu who remember her from before — and sway the direction of Prince Vidal’s political alignment.

Opal’s highest priority is her own clan. The former Priscus to the Nosferatu, Opal finally took a seat on the Primogen because she could accomplish more for her clan from that position. She supports the Carthian cause primarily because it would allow the Nosferatu — who are often excluded from the Kindred hierarchy — an equal share of power. Opal is one of the most well informed Kindred in the city. She uses that knowledge to aid the Nosferatu first, the Carthians second, and Prince Vidal a distant third.

Miss Opal is a great believer in the Carthian cause, and she constantly works from within not merely to encourage Prince Vidal and the Primogen to act accordingly, but in hopes of convincing them that granting more power and freedom to the “common Kindred” is in their best interest. Miss Opal abhors using violence for political ends, but she has no qualms about using physical intimidation on a personal level.

In fact, she has more than once expressed her displeasure at the “disgraceful” behaviour of young Kindred by beating the tar out of them.

Miss Opal

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