Obsessed Occult Scientist


Apparent Age: Late 40s
Masquerade: None Requiem: Magus

Marcus, an Englishman, appears in his late 40s, is tall and thick set, with slightly jowly features and a serious intense look. His hair has turned a premature light grey. He favours old fashioned, austere three piece suits and carries a walking stick.


Marcus has always been a mystery to the Kindred of New Orleans. He presents himself as an erudite scholar, unaligned to any faction or covenant.

What is known is that he is English, been in the South for about 100 years and that he is a Mekhet. After some kind of scandal with his sire Marcus joined the coterie, he seems obsessed with finding out what happened to his sire.

When Donovan betrayed them all, Marcus disappeared from Kindred society, serving as some kind of assistant to a misanthropic Elder Nosferatu in Riverbend, a position he maintains to this day.

Marcus has neither confirmed or denied that he is a member of a secret occult society but in his lighter moments (infrequent though they may be), he seems an expert on folklore, myth and legend.


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