Gus 'Gutterball' Elgin

Master of Elysium


Apparent Age: Mid 30’s
Masquerade: Investigator Requiem: Courtier

Elgin always dresses simply, the better to blend in with his prey. Working man’s blue denim jeans and boots, thick black jumper and brown leather jacket make up his common ‘uniform’. His triangular body shape is full of muscle but he sports a gut, his huge forearms are usually on show with his jacket and jumper pushed up to his elbows. When not in Kindred company he wears a battered, wide brim trilby pulled down over the right side of his face.


“Gutterball” Gus, as he is occasionally known, gets his nickname from the twisted shape and appearance of his bald, rounded head. In life, Elgin was an operator for the New Orleans & Carrollton streetcar line. One night, as he was pulling in from his last run, he thought he saw a huddled figure lying in the path of his streetcar. Thinking he could help, Elgin hurried to the figure’s side, but the moment he reached out to touch the body, the horses behind him suddenly panicked. Elgin was trampled, his head crushed by the rolling wheel of his own streetcar. The figure was his sire, who saved his life by damning him to the eternity of the Requiem.

Elgin masquerades as a union official, looking into claims of unfair and illegal employers. He gathers evidence to pass on to incriminate employers before feeding on them himself once they have been brought low. He is regarded as a Sanctified Harpy, although his position as Master of Elysium means a measured attitude in his dealings with other covenants. He is known to always say the right thing at the right time and despite his appearance is an expert in Kindred manners and ceremony. His violent temper is solely reserved for heresy against the Sanctified creed.

Gus 'Gutterball' Elgin

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