Gabrielle Deco

Faithful Vodounisant


Apparent Age: Indeterminate
Masquerade: Guru Requiem: Enforcer

Gabrielle is a Creole woman of indeterminate age. Her face and body is a network of scars that seem to writhe and weep, her eyes are milky white and bloodshot. When out and about she wears a hat and veil that covers the top half of her body. She rarely raises her voice above a whisper

She dresses modestly in plain skirts and blouses.


Gabrielle Deco was a young Creole slave for the Mayfair family in Uptown. After horrendous treatment she escaped to a life of prostitution. Growing up on the streets of the French Quarter, she quickly learnt to fight and survive against pimps, punters and rivals. She found solace in vodoun practices and beliefs.

It was through vodoun that she encounter her sire, Leon. He protected her on the streets of New Orleans and, when she was beaten to an inch of her life it was Leon that took her in and tried to nurse her back to health. The damage was too severe and Leon Embraced her. The year was 1846.

Leon supported her and nurtured her for the next 50 years but Gabrielle got restless and struck out on her own. As a Nosferatu and a Circle of the Crone she went to Savoy for support when a group of Sanctified beat her and left her for the sun. Savoy replaced Leon for a spell and she joined a coterie of neonates.

When Donovan betrayed the coterie, it was a blow to Gabrielle as the coterie shattered and fled from the anger of Savoy. Shortly after Leon disappeared, never to be heard of again. Having parted under harsh words this was a further blow and caused Gabrielle to enter a self destructive cycle.

At this point Gabrielle was found by Baron Cimitiere and a foundation was laid with the final of her surrogate father figures leading to her heading a coterie of her own, protecting and defending other Circle cultists.

Gabrielle Deco

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