Coco Duquette


Apparent Age: Early 20’s
Masquerade: Artist Requiem: Manipulator

One would need no magic mirror to know that, among the members of New Orleans’ Primogen council, Coco Duquette is the fairest of them all. Her beauty is striking to be sure, but what gives it a quality all its own is the undeniable fire behind her eyes and the rousing stir in her velvet voice whenever she is engaged in the act of oratory or philosophical debate. Her cause is her passion and her passion fuels her cause, and few who give her leave to speak upon it are ever anything but utterly enthralled (especially among mortals and young Kindred). In her bid for respect, Coco has sworn off traditional “feminine attire,” preferring a very carefully constructed outfit that normally consists of a tight black turtleneck (unimposing, yet suggestive) and a pair of black paratrooper pants. She regularly dyes her hair a deep red to provide contrast to her piercing blue eyes.


Although Coco Duquette was born during the height of the Victorian era, she considers herself a child of the 21st century. She was rescued from a life of prostitution by an elderly gentleman who seemed to want nothing more than the pleasure of her company. The elderly gentleman, an aged Mekhet by the name of Henry Starkweather, waited nearly two years before bestowing everlasting death upon his ward. Rather than break her, however, the Embrace challenged her. Just as her sire intended, Coco found purpose in the cause of the Carthian dream, where every belief she held as a mortal was paralleled in the world of the Damned.

Coco makes her way through the mortal world as a bohemian philosopher for the city’s political activists, her insight has led to being introduced to sympathetic city officials who are charmed by the striking young woman with a sharp intellect.

Toward the end of the 20th century, Coco made her way onto the Prince’s Primogen council by proving her worthiness as one who not only knew the hopes and dreams of the city’s neonates, but as one who would always provide honest counterpoints at the debate table. Coco has never been pleased by the fact that the eldest of her clan is largely apolitical, but she respects his power, and more importantly, his importance to the PrinceIf this is the game, then Coco Duquette intends to play it well.

Coco Duquette

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