Apparent Age:
Masquerade: Scholar Requiem: Magus

The Southern scholar has a soldier’s build and poise, swarthy face and broad shoulders, still sporting a heavy tan from his mortal days. His chestnut brown hair is neatly clipped with side whiskers covering his cheeks, his dark eyes are steady and watchful. When he is seen he is always wearing his Confederate cavalry coat. His entire body is coated in a thin patina of dust and cobwebs.


Embraced during the American Civil War, the Kindred known only as ‘Azazel’ is a private and secretive vampire, socialising little with others in New Orleans. It is known that he fought for the Confederacy and joined the Ordo Dracul shortly after his Embrace, rebelling against his Sire’s covenant.

The restlessness of his Requiem and the dissatisfaction with the Dragons led to him becoming one of the Unaligned. Owner of a rare book shop in Mid City he is known as an eminent if iconoclastic Kindred scholar, specialising in covenant history, ritual and practice. He pays his tithe regularly but refuses to be pulled in to the plotting and posturing of the Danse Macabre. He is known however to give advice and aid to neonates in trouble, the fact that few can find his shop means that his studies are not disturbed that often.


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