Alphonse Marcello

Ageing Mafia Capo


Alphonse ‘Al’ Marcello is a Capo in the New Orleans Mafia and has climbed as far as he is ever going to get. A trusted lieutenant he wields his own crew that collects extortion money and runs prostitution and gambling dens across the city.

He is a one time mentor of Willem Foucault, using the young man as a cut out for him and the Family’s non-violent but less than legal activities. Figuring that he didn’t have the years to climb the bloody hierarchy of the mob, he focused his efforts on getting a nephew of his, Bella Cavallino, first ‘made’ and then in control of a territory of New Orleans. The only problem was Bella’s cousin Anthony ‘Tony C’ Cavallino.

Working with Foucault, Al had his cut out set up Tony C in a drugs bust that sent Tony C away for 40 years and promoted Bella up the ranks.

Only trouble is Tony C knows who set him up.

Alphonse Marcello

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